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    - My business is going through a crisis.
    - should I carry on or close down?provide your personal details and details of the company ).
    - I have problems with a partner.
    - should I carry on with this person? (provide your personal details and those of the other person).
    - I need to fill a post, is this the right person for the job? (provide your personal details and those of the other person).


    We run a company of audiovisual services which was formed on 15.02.97, at 11:18 in Barcelona, Spain. We are currently going (1999) through some financial difficulties and we don’t know whether to take on new partners and increase our capital or try to get through this period by making major adjustments. What do you advise? Thank you in advance for your reply.
    Formation of the company: 15th February 1997, 11:18 am, Barcelona, Spain.
    My details: 13th November, 1965, 20:50 p.m, Barcelona, Spain.


    Your company was formed at an excellent moment and will have a great future. Nevertheless, I can see important but troublesome partners and great difficulty in starting up the company and getting it going.
    The present moment is extremely difficult and the company is running the risk of closure if you do not carry out radical restructuring which will mean practically relaunching the company and severe austerity.

    However, if you manage to get through this and tighten your belts, after August 2000, in other words, in a year’s time, your firm will start to take off. This doesn’t alter the fact that you will hit another low from October 2000 to May 2001 which will force another readjustment.
    Nevertheless, after July 2001 things will fall into place and the company will show its full potential. It would be wise to take advantage of the summer of 2000 to expand into some very interesting areas. My advice, then, is that it is better to "try to get through this period by making major adjustments".


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