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  • LOVE

    What is my current situation regarding love? (provide your personal details)
    - Will I get on with this person (provide your personal details)
    - Is this person right for me? (provide your personal details and those of the other person)
    - Is this person in love with me? (provide your personal details and those of the other person)
    - I am going through a crisis in my relationship, will this lead to a break up? (provide your personal details)
    - Who is right for me, my current partner or another person who interests me and with whom I am already in a relationship? (provide your personal details and those of the other two people)
    - I want to separate from my partner, is this the right moment? (provide your personal details)
    - My partner is behaving strangely, what’s wrong with him/her? (your own and your partner’s details)


    In January of this year (1999) I started a relationship with Maria. She has been a widow for 4 years and has 4 children aged 9, 11, 14 and 17. She is a saleswoman in a state agency. I work in graphics. Although we are very fond of each other she is very bossy and bad tempered, and is very jealous for no reason.
    Do you think we can overcome our problems and that this is a relationship worth fighting for?
    Maria’s details are: 14-08-1955, 9:15 a.m., Barcelona, Spain
    My details are: 13-05-1956, 2:35 a.m., Barcelona, Spain.


    You are Taurus and Maria is Leo. Taurus and Leo are very incompatible. Leos are proud and in many cases overbearing, as they usually try to get their own way. Taurus is patient but obstinate and cannot bear to be ordered about willy-nilly. Both of these signs are also stubborn, they won’t be dissuaded and thus the quarrels could be both serious and continual.
    In your case, the tension could become quite hostile because of the fact that Maria’s sign – Leo – is rather laden since it is bearing the Jupiter-Venus-Mars- Pluto-Mercury wheel of fortune and these elements are all in conflict with other constellations both in Maria’s chart and your own. This exacerbates the risk of tension between you even more. On the other hand, this is a particularly crucial time for you both, and especially Maria. The situation does not seem to be heading towards a more relaxed state but on the contrary, the tension will tend to increase in the coming years, particularly in Maria’s case.
    Due to this character incompatibility, I advise you to gather your strength and leave this relationship as soon as possible. This is not, in fact, your ideal partner, the one worth fighting for.
    I would also say that as you are both going through a very anxious period, it would be a good idea to seek some type of therapy that will help you to get through this.


  • WORK



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